11 New Creative Fonts to Download

By Jim Marley

Beckasin font

New fonts are always great to have, being in the design field you must have all the latest things like software, computers and also fonts. With browsers making changes to help fonts that we use design with show up for websites. Like google using api fonts for your css. Dont always stick to standard fonts when everything around you is moving forward. In this post we have 11 New Creative Fonts to Download. I hope you found this post helpful.

Insight Issue New – DOWNLOAD

Insight Issue New font

Fontastique – DOWNLOAD

Fontastique font

Astro 867 – DOWNLOAD

Astro 867

Made With B – DOWNLOAD

Made With B

Tevegraphy – DOWNLOAD

tevegraphy font

Beckasin – DOWNLOAD

Beckasin font

Argel Font – DOWNLOAD

Argel Font

Pistilli Roman – DOWNLOAD

Pistilli Roman font

Basterds – DOWNLOAD

Basterds Font

Tabitha – DOWNLOAD

Tabitha font


GOTA font

Tevegraphy – DOWNLOAD

About the author

My name is Julio A Rivera, I’m a Creative Director/Web Designer from New York City and I’m the Founder of Underworld Magazines also I’m happy to share some of the web best resources and give you Inspiration for your next big project.

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