225 Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns

By Jim Marley

Patterns can be extremely helpful for Illustrator users, and there are many good ones that you can download for free. In this post we’ll feature more than 225 repeating patterns that can be downloaded. We’ll start with pattern sets and then we’ll include some individual patterns at the end of the post. As always when you are working with freebies, be sure to check the terms of use or licensing set by the designer.

Pattern Sets:

Organic Patterns (3 patterns)

Organic Patterns

Mono Circles (3 patterns)

Mono Circles

Seamless Plaid Patterns (20 patterns)

Seamless Plaid Patterns

Vector Halftone Patterns (10 patterns)

Vector Halftone Patterns

Heart Patterns (10 patterns)

Heart Patterns

Polka Dot Patterns (53 patterns)

Polka Dot Patterns

Polka Dot Patterns (25 patterns)

Polka Dot Patterns

Seamless Lines and Crosshatch Swatches (55 patterns)

Seamless Lines and Crosshatch Swatches

Retro Patterns (3 patterns)

Retro Patterns

Argyle Patterns (6 patterns)

Argyle Patterns

Stars and Stripes (30 patterns)

Stars and Stripes

Individual Patterns:

Hand-Drawn Scrolls (1 pattern)

Hand-Drawn Scrolls

Gothic Grunge (1 pattern)

Gothic Grunge

Elegant Floral Pattern (1 pattern)

Elegant Floral Pattern

Different Vector Pattern (1 pattern)

Different Vector Pattern

REDmillion Pattern (1 pattern)

REDmillion Pattern

REDmillion Pattern Two (1 pattern)

REDmillion Pattern Two

Baroque Seamless Pattern (1 pattern)

Baroque Seamless Pattern

Damask Seamless Pattern (1 pattern)

Damask Seamless Pattern

Floral Pattern (1 pattern)

Floral Pattern

Victorian Flourish (1 pattern)

Victorian Flourish

Diamond Pattern (1 pattern)

Diamond Pattern

Damask Pattern (1 pattern)

Damask Pattern

Damask Pattern (1 pattern)

Damask Pattern

Damask Pattern (1 pattern)

Damask Pattern

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