DesignWannabe in association with Ingimage presents ‘Two’s Company‘ … an exciting opportunity to show off your Photoshop skills and win prizes!


Your task is simply to create a piece of digital art using one of the 15 images below as a base.

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial at – which gives you one week to download any 35 high-res images on their site for free.
Step 2: Choose and download one of the images below to use as the base for your Photoshop creation. Each of these “Subject Photos” have two human subjects.
Step 2: Combine your Subejct Photo with any of the millions of other images/graphics available on ingimage using your free trial.

You can create any type of compilation, collage, poster or any other graphic design concept you can visualize. Entries will be judged based on their creativity, execution, and overall beauty and concept.


Winner: 1 Year Premium Ingimage Subscription (worth $899)
Second Place: 3 Month Premium Ingimage Subscription (worth $339)
Third Place: Honorable mention and artwork featured in winner’s announcement by DesignWannabe.

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Dynamic Sounds Collection Cover Art

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An explanation for the late publication date of this post:
Traditionally New Years Resolutions are made in January … unfortunately I promised you 6 New Year’s resolutions and was only able to deliver two. I’ll be the first to admit this was a pretty poor effort. However, despite an absence of posts for nearly 2 months I did actually prepare 6 resolutions … so I’m going to continue with them.

To find our next retoucher we’re heading north to Sweden (of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series and ‘Volvo fame’) … it’s Scandinavia’s finest photo-shopper Erik Johansson.

This nordic wizard’s work is delightfully detailed, take the above image for example:

• The reflection of the lamp in the coffee
• The dampness of the newspaper where it has encountered Greenland
• The way Argentina drips convincingly off the table …

This guy hasn’t just superimposed a map of the world onto a table and fiddled with it a bit, he’s constructed this image for probably dozens of photos to simulate exactly what it would ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE if this happened in real life. We can learn a lot from Erik.

Observe carefully.

(Also here’s a little known fact for you: 7% of the Reflexstock Team are Swedish)

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From the wacky and surreal, yet somehow refined and corporate style of C.J. Burton – we’ve learned that ‘standing out’ is essential in the world of Photoshop. But, now it’s time to turn our gaze towards Europe … dubbed ‘The Master of Retouching’, Christophe Huet brings an undeniable level of class to the retouching table:

2nd resolution: Keep it Classy

Perhaps best known for his melting / warping effects, Christophe has recently achieved a high profile in advertising – you may recognise some his work from Nike, Motorola and Playstation campaigns.

What we like about Christophe is that his images aren’t just about the manipulation itself, but also show consideration for the traditional qualities of photography. His acute attention to detail, especially when it comes to composition and lighting, lend the Frenchman’s creative retouching a rare level of sophistication …

… having said this his works include an elephant pissing on a car and a purple cow getting a massage. Essentially, he has a talent for making weird stuff look relatively classy.

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A couple of days ago we were amused by some of the nerdy responses to’s blog post “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?”. See below for examples:

Arun is going to to “try to make more realistic textures for the character models”
Justie said she wanted to start taking her holiday photos in RAW format
William is going to calibrate his Color Monitor.

This is not to say we have a problem with nerdy-photoshop-based New Years Resolutions, if anything we actively encourage it. But instead of putting you on the spot like, we’re going to be nice and do the work for you …

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Christmas Themed Photoshop PSD Tuts

The original idea was that this post would be published on the 23rd or 24th December … the title aimed at whose of you who might have left your present shopping to the last minute. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, and rather than waiting until next December I decided to post it today.

Anyway, the title itself isn’t particularly significant, the post just consists of some vaguely festive photoshop tutorials. Hopefully one of them will make you think – “This looks sooo awesome I’m going to stop watching these crappy Christmas films starring Robin Williams and spend a couple hours learning how to make an awesome Christmas e-card with photoshop”.

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Many people can knock up some sort of text effect on Photoshop (popular examples being words written in the sky, letters embossed into stone, and shoddy 3d text) but only a select few can call themselves Pros. Learn all the methods in the 20 tutorials below and you’ll be well on your way to joining this elite. Rather than focus on tuts for beginners, intermediates or advanced users, we’ve simply chosen ones which look like actual things from real life … like a plate, or a banana etc. All of them are easy to follow, although most do require at least some prior knowledge and experience.

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Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials

A lot of us like to think we can ‘do’ water on Photoshop, but lets be honest most of us can secreted admit that the finished result rarely looks quite watery enough for today’s high standards. This post is for everybody out there who would like to tweak their water editing skills (and maybe rely a little less on using various opacities blue to solve their problems).

Here are 13 PSD tutorials made for you by 13 Photoshop pros. If you work your way through these you can pretty much go ahead and make yourself a badge that reads ‘Neptune – God of The Sea’.

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Tower Bridge London Photoshop Artwork

Reflexstock HQ has moved again, making us perhaps the most nomadic stock agency in the world this year! We’re saying goodbye to Hammersmith and hello to the lights of Oxford Street … just in time for Christmas.

To mark our move to the Media Industry hot spot that is Soho we’ve put together a few London-themed Photoshop artworks to get you inspired!

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Up until today our blog here at Reflex Stock has declined to acknowledge the existence of Halloween… but don’t fret, this horrific oversight ends now.

In the nick of time (108 minutes before Halloween ends) we have decided to enter the dark, haunted, and at times inspirational forest that is the global Halloween blogging arena.

For our entry (and your inspiration) we have hand picked some of the freakiest ads in the entire “trick or treat” universe. Enjoy!

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